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Architect’s advises

Combining elements into a composition can be just too difficult sometimes. If we manage to make a set that fits our needs, we may find out that it doesn't look very nice and the opposite – it looks nice but it's not applicable. In this case we offer help of our architect.

His suggestions will most certainly give you new ideas and your satisfaction with new purchase will be greater. In order to advise you well, please, give us the following information:

Basic data and your wishes:

  • First name and surname
  • Full address
  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Room function
  • Chosen furniture programme
  • Description of wishes and needs

Room ground plan

  • Room dimensions (length, width , height)
  • Position and dimensions of doors and windows
  • Positions and dimensions of heating devices (radiator, fireplace, stove)
  • Position of plug-boxes and switches
  • Possible particularities (mansard, chimney, existing furniture)
  • When furnishing a children room it is recommended to quote children's age.

Our architect chooses among products from Alples standard offer! Architect will not answer questions which are not subject of advice!