Bedroom Arabeska

Bedroom Arabeska

Arabeska oozes playfulness, perfection and elegance. The Arabeska bedroom set fits different room dimensions and styles. The combinations of simple surfaces, trendy slopes, and pleasant curves are refreshingly bright, effortlessly natural and glamorously chic.




Arabeska gives wings to imagination and creativity. You can endlessly combine the wide range of colours, materials, and useful options to create a bedroom of your dreams.


Spacious wardrobes allow for a complete flexibility in storing and organising your clothes and other items while the trendy beds lull you into a comfortable sleep.


The Arabeska bedroom set is made of environmentally friendly materials that support your health and wellbeing. The trendy walnut decor is complemented by manually processed natural walnut wood, warm metallic shine, and silky painted surfaces.



Light fills us with freshness and wellbeing. In addition to the natural light, artificial light can be set to reflect our mood – to wake us up, inspire or calm us down.

The warmth of carefully selected materials, gentle light, and the tender bedtime talk calm us down and rock us into a carefree sleep.


Sophisticated combinations of colours, patterns, textures, and light promise pampering and comfort surrounded by pleasant softness and relaxation.

The touch of nature and human attention are reflected in handmade details made of lovingly designed solid walnut wood.


Some words inspire when written down and some pictures simply deserve to be admired forever. The bedroom is a place where new goals are born from dreams and beautiful memories.


Perfect functionality coupled with a sense of spaciousness provided by a combination of sophisticated walnut wood, white colour tones, and light will bring balance and a cosmopolitan touch to your bedroom.

Classic fronts with a soft closing mechanism impress with their trendy matte finish. Combinations of colours, handles, print, or mirrors can always be adjusted to your individual liking.

The soft closing option can be added to sliding doors regardless of the width. The selection of colours, print, or mirrors will fulfil the taste of every individual.

Wood and upholstery together offer a wide range of traditional and lift bed combinations perfectly matching your taste.


As the leading furniture producer in Slovenia we are well aware, that acquired position can be maintained with constant improvements and achieving the highest quality standards, demanded by our customers. We pay attention to quality in all areas of work. Our products and the materials we use  are in accordance with the latest standards and styles. Hi-tech production which is striving for improvements is a warrantee, that products are also quality manufactured. Much attention has been given to sales points. We want our quality products in showrooms to reflect  all the hard work that was put in product manufacturing.  In showrooms you can see attractive furniture exhibits together with  the diversity and wide range of our offer.


In order to furnish your room and place it the way you want the furniture needs to be assembled  properly. Most of our furniture is flat pack furniture  (k. d.)  and needs assembling. It comes supplied with full instructions and you might choose to assemble pieces by yourself.  Most of the stores offers assembly as one of their custom services, so you can choose to leave the task to professionals.  They will assemble your furniture  fast and flawlessly, so it can serve its purpose.  

Delivery time

Delivery time from  Alples to store is
  • within 30 days from the date of order  for standard furniture items  and 45 days for kitchens,
  • within 30 days from the date of order  for remodelled items and spare parts.
In case the order is changed, date of the last correction will be considered as a date of order.

Price / Quality

There is a lot of  furniture of different price ranges in the market today.  The selection of cheap furniture is especially large. We realize that quality and safety come first and people buy and would like to use furniture for a longer  period.  Therefore we strive to offer good quality furniture of modern design and quality manufactured, supported with other post sales activities.  


People have various needs and wishes.  Their wishes and wants regarding furniture differ as well. Everyone would like to furnish their home to suit their needs. Therefore our furniture was developed in a way that everyone can arrange a composition according to their wish. To suit them by design and by function. Modular furniture with its flexibility offers a range of possibilities. It takes a bit of inventiveness and one can come up with the optimal solution. There is another advantage of modular furniture in small rooms with lack of space, where modular furniture enables to use the space to its fullest by combining pieces of various widths, heights and depths.

Wide range

In Alples wide range refers to:
  • Various types of furniture for furnishing entrance halls, living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, youth rooms, home offices, suites and hotel rooms.
  • There are a few lines of furniture available for  each type of room. There is a selection of furniture lines one can choose from. Some have classical design, others are trendy. They can be youthful or relaxed, in multiple colour combinations or sober.
  • There are also programmes among our furniture which can be used in various rooms. A same programme can used for furnishing a bedroom, a youth rooms, an entrance hall  or some other room. Another can be used in a living room, home office and youth room.
It is also possible to choose colours from the colour pallet available for each programme.

The selection and layout of the fittings inside the wardrobes of various dimensions provide personalisation and a complete overview.

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