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Innovative solutions for health protection

Children's and youth rooms

Publish date:02.11.21

Innovative solutions for health protection

Otroške sobe in mladinske sobe Magnet


The fabric, which is installed in the headboard of the bed and bedside table in the MAGNET youth children’s program, 99% prevents the passage of radiation from mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops) without which we can no longer do without. This limits the harmful radiation that negatively affects the physical and mental functioning of children and adolescents.

Sleep is essential for smooth physical and mental functioning. During sleep, the regeneration of the entire organism takes place, with the regeneration of the brain being especially important. The radiation from mobile devices negatively impacts this process, so we want to limit it as much as possible. The fabric, which is built into certain elements, provides 99% protection against the passage of radiation. The elements are designed so that we can still be reached via a mobile device, while radiation is reduced to a minimum.


Upholstered headboard with radiation protection – a safe haven for better sleep.

Nightstand with radiation protection – for better regeneration and healthy sleep

Otroške sobe in mladinske sobe Magnet


The fabric, which is built into certain elements, 99% prevents the passage of radiation. Radiation is thus reduced to a minimum. We measured this with a professional measuring device.

RFEM is radio frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless electronic devices. We measured EMS values for different phone distances. When part of the Alples furniture was between the data transfer phone and the measuring device, the measured values were much smaller. The highest measured values of magnetic radiation were reduced by 99.5% in the cabinet and by 99.4% in the bed. Composition of the element (beds and bedside tables) with protection;

a melamine plate to which a protective fabric is attached, then it is covered with a fabric or melamine plate. The fabric with protection is not visible from the outside.

These are really great results that testify that our furniture development is going in the right direction. An innovative solution that we have announced.

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