Prizma living room

Prizma living room

Prizma is a living room showcasing clean lines in a combination of white and walnut or sand and walnut. Depending on the colour and units you can arrange your furniture in a classic or modern composition. Clean elegant lines are accentuated with a decorative moulding on lacquered doors and drawers, the programme’s distinguishing feature that works as a handle while giving the furniture an innovative touch. The Prizma living room offers a wide range of elements, from a large selection of storage cabinets to TV stands and media cabinets that are highly functional and easily adapted to the user. Adapted cable slots allow easy access to cables and facilitate the connection of components. The space hidden in the back frame of the lower cabinets provides room for cable routing. Prizma also offers a corner unit for a traditional corner furniture arrangement. Lighted display cabinets and wall shelves create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Top-quality soft-close hardware guarantees ease of use and long furniture life.

Colour of wardrobe interior
Walnut prizma
White prizma
Fronts colours
Sand lacquered
White lacquered

Elementi za zabavno elektroniko so funkcionalni in prilagojeni potrebam uporabnika.

TV elementi s klopnimi vrati in izvrtinami za kable omogočajo lahek dostop do priključkov in enostaven priklop komponent.

TV nastavek ima prav tako izvrtine za kable, poleg tega pa dodaten prostor za shranjevanje za klopnimi vrati.

Nizki elementi globine 490 mm imajo hrbtišče zamaknjeno v notranjost, tako da pridobimo prostor za razpeljavo potrebnih kablov.


Osvetlitev vitrin in stenskih polic poskrbi za prijetno vzdušje ambienta.

Svetlobni LED trakovi z enostavno pritrditvijo so primerni kot dodatek stenskim policam, v vitrine pa k steklenim policam lahko dodajamo svetilke v obliki palic.

Predalnik z dvojnim predalom

Posebnost je predalnik širine 1200 mm z dvojnim predalom, ki ima v notranjosti dva ločena oboda predalov, ki sta enaka kot pri predalu širine 600 mm in omogočata bolj stabilen izvlek. Enak dvojni predal imamo tudi pri predalniku dolžine 1800 mm.

Kotni element

Kotni element omogoča klasične kotne postavitve sestavov, brez izgube dragocenega prostora.

4 knjižne omare

Program dopolnjujejo 4 knjižne omare - odprti regali za shranjevanje knjig in okrasnih predmetov.

Kakovostno pohištveno okovje omogoča preprosto uporabo in zagotavlja dolgo življenjsko dobo.

Skrita vodila predalov z blaženjem omogočajo mehko in tiho odpiranje in zapiranje predalov. Vsa vrata in vitrine vsebujejo blažilec zapiranja vrat, odmične spone vrat pa so na podloge pritrjene na “clip” sistem brez vijačenja.


As the leading furniture producer in Slovenia we are well aware, that acquired position can be maintained with constant improvements and achieving the highest quality standards, demanded by our customers. We pay attention to quality in all areas of work. Our products and the materials we use  are in accordance with the latest standards and styles. Hi-tech production which is striving for improvements is a warrantee, that products are also quality manufactured. Much attention has been given to sales points. We want our quality products in showrooms to reflect  all the hard work that was put in product manufacturing.  In showrooms you can see attractive furniture exhibits together with  the diversity and wide range of our offer.


In order to furnish your room and place it the way you want the furniture needs to be assembled  properly. Most of our furniture is flat pack furniture  (k. d.)  and needs assembling. It comes supplied with full instructions and you might choose to assemble pieces by yourself.  Most of the stores offers assembly as one of their custom services, so you can choose to leave the task to professionals.  They will assemble your furniture  fast and flawlessly, so it can serve its purpose.  

Delivery time

Delivery time from  Alples to store is
  • within 30 days from the date of order  for standard furniture items  and 45 days for kitchens,
  • within 30 days from the date of order  for remodelled items and spare parts.
In case the order is changed, date of the last correction will be considered as a date of order.

Price / Quality

There is a lot of  furniture of different price ranges in the market today.  The selection of cheap furniture is especially large. We realize that quality and safety come first and people buy and would like to use furniture for a longer  period.  Therefore we strive to offer good quality furniture of modern design and quality manufactured, supported with other post sales activities.  


People have various needs and wishes.  Their wishes and wants regarding furniture differ as well. Everyone would like to furnish their home to suit their needs. Therefore our furniture was developed in a way that everyone can arrange a composition according to their wish. To suit them by design and by function. Modular furniture with its flexibility offers a range of possibilities. It takes a bit of inventiveness and one can come up with the optimal solution. There is another advantage of modular furniture in small rooms with lack of space, where modular furniture enables to use the space to its fullest by combining pieces of various widths, heights and depths.

Wide range

In Alples wide range refers to:
  • Various types of furniture for furnishing entrance halls, living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, youth rooms, home offices, suites and hotel rooms.
  • There are a few lines of furniture available for  each type of room. There is a selection of furniture lines one can choose from. Some have classical design, others are trendy. They can be youthful or relaxed, in multiple colour combinations or sober.
  • There are also programmes among our furniture which can be used in various rooms. A same programme can used for furnishing a bedroom, a youth rooms, an entrance hall  or some other room. Another can be used in a living room, home office and youth room.
It is also possible to choose colours from the colour pallet available for each programme.

Zmanjšanje višine regalov

PZ-R251, PZ-R351, PZ-R161, PZ-R261 bela, oreh


Zmanjšanje širine regalov:

PZ-R251, PZ-R351, PZ-R161, PZ-R261 bela, oreh


Zmanjšanje globine regalov:

PZ-R251, PZ-R351, PZ-R161, PZ-R261 bela, oreh


Zmanjšanje širine stenskih polic:

PZ-OP3, PZ-OP4, PZ-OP5, PZ-OP6  oreh/bela, oreh/oreh


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