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The best mattresses – pocket mattresses are the key to quality sleep


Publish date:17.02.23

Sleep is an extremely important part of everyone’s life, although it may not seem so at first glance. Proper sleep and the best mattresses ensure that we can perform our daily duties, spend quality free time and feel as good as possible. Could you live without sleep? The answer is “No!”. Many of us have trouble sleeping, but we just can’t seem to find the cause. In order to reduce the number of sleepless nights to a minimum, we need to adjust our sleeping environment well.

It is necessary to have the right temperature, light, as few electronic devices as possible, fresh air and most importantly – a comfortable bed in the room we sleep in. Of course, the construction of the bed plays an important role, but the right mattress is more important than the bed frame.

You will get the best mattresses and the best advice from Alples, which has a wide range. You can replace your old mattress with a pocket or orthopedic mattress, and provide your child with a quality children’s mattress and additionally protect them with a cover.


The best mattresses fit the shape of the body

It often happens that after such a sleepless night, we wake up in pain. The reason for this is most often a bad mattress. You will definitely eliminate pain and sleep problems by buying the best mattress – a pocket mattress. The latter are, one might say, a real invention in the mattress revolution. These are made of pockets that provide excellent suspension and thus perfectly fit the position of our body.

We distinguish between pocket mattresses with a smaller number of larger pockets and those with a large number of very small pockets, which are characterized by micro-pocket suspension. The most advanced and the best are those that work on the principle of micro-suspension in combination with memory foam. By choosing the right sleeping pillow, preferably also made of memory foam, you will significantly increase the quality of your sleep. With a mattress cover, you will extend the lifespan to the maximum.

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Orthopedic mattresses – the best mattresses for all seasons

Have you noticed that your sleep gets significantly worse at certain times of the year, especially in winter or summer? You think and think, but you still can’t find the real reason. The mattress itself is often responsible for this problem as well.

Since in our country winter and summer are the seasons with the most extreme phenomena, and our everyday life remains largely unchanged even when the weather changes, it is even more important that our sleep is really good. Since sleep is so important, we should never skimp too much when buying mattresses.

Orthopedic mattresses of different sizes are the best and adapted to different seasons, because they have two different sides – winter and summer, which differ in the composition of the top layers, but nevertheless fit the body to the same degree. The winter side has a wool-wool blend filling that is extremely warm, while the summer side is adapted to high temperatures and contains cotton wool filling.

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Anti-allergic children’s mattress and mattress covers

The wish of every parent is certainly the well-being of the child, which depends on the quality of sleep. However, since the quality of the parents’ sleep is to a greater extent conditioned by the quality of the child’s sleep, you will kill two birds with one stone with the best mattress for children – an anti-allergic orthopedic children’s mattress. Children’s mattresses for children are made of anti-allergic filling, and are often finished with aloe vera extracts, which have a calming and anti-stress effect on the child.

Such children’s mattresses have a built-in air vent, which allows excellent ventilation, thereby extending the lifespan. The best mattresses for children provide excellent support for the body, which is extremely important for the proper development of the toddler’s body. In order to avoid dirt that a normal sheet cannot contain, you can additionally protect the mattress with a mattress cover. This is much easier to wash and is therefore recommended especially for children’s beds.

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