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Advantages of Alples kitchens


Publish date:09.11.23

Tailor-made kitchens for every home

Adaptable to the very last inch, tailor-made for every individual customer, individual solutions for every client, 100% adaptable to your space.

Large choice of elements enabling individual solutions for every space.

Space is no longer an issue. Good advice and a broad scope of elements will transform every kitchen into a space where you will feel cosy and at home.
In addition to classic basic elements and suspended cabinets, Alples kitchens also include a whole range of dedicated elements for special occasions.
Corner elements (both high and low), closing cupboards, pull-out columns, display cases, appliance mounting elements, etc. Every space is unique: make your new kitchen unique, too! As the central space of your home, it is extremely important to have a functional, ergonomic and safe kitchen, offering you the aesthetic pleasure you require. Regardless of whether your kitchen is small or has a kitchen island – you will be able to enjoy a tailor-made kitchen appealing to your specific desires. Since spaces in our homes are no longer strictly separated, you can also use kitchen elements to furnish your living or dining room.

Different combinations of materials and finishes make it possible for you to choose a kitchen suited to your taste.

You can choose from a tremendous variety of wood décors, front colours, degrees of finishing shine, handles, styles, etc. All it takes is to play around a while with various combinations of these materials and finishings, and you are sure to find a solution suited to your taste. We offer several models of kitchens that come in different styles, from rustic and modern to classic

A broad range of additional elements that will brighten your kitchen and living room.

Nowadays, it is very trendy to join your living room and kitchen into one open space. With such a setting, we are often faced with the issue of how to furnish this open space in order to have it function as a unified whole. In Alples kitchens, we can “extend” the kitchen into the part of the space intended for the living room, which is made possible by a broad range of additional elements. This makes the space function as a unified whole.

Long-term experience and the company’s knowledge when it comes to furniture-making, as well as a recognisable design style are a quality guarantee for manufacturing kitchens.

For over 65 years, we have been accumulating experience in the field of planning, designing, manufacturing, and selling furniture. Once we add innovative ideas, creativity, and dedication into the mix, this results in the largest kitchen manufacturing company in Slovenia. Our long-term experience and knowledge in the field of furniture manufacturing is a guarantee for the quality of our workmanship and services. We have already had over 3,500,000 satisfied customers trust us with their wishes, i.e. 18,000 customers per year.

Built-in high-quality hinges, high-quality materials, shock absorbing system, and high-quality manufacturing are a guarantee for long years of flawless operation.

• 18MM PARTICLE BOARD THICKNESS guarantees an increased firmness of your kitchen elements.
• TOUGHENED GLASS guarantees safety and increases resistance against fracture.
• SHOCK-ABSORBING SYSTEMS guarantee silent closing of doors and drawers
• ERGONOMIC REQUIREMENTS ARE CONSIDERED so you can work safely and comfortably

Applicability of elements

Greater accessibility – tall cupboards with a full-range pull-out column. Put away, yet always within reach.
Greater transparency – a mini cupboard that is always there when you need it. Fully pull-out internal drawers enable the optimum efficiency and overview of the entire cupboard. You can fill the drawer with a load of up to 50kg!
Increased efficiency – angular high cupboard with fully pull-out shelves.
Improved orderliness – system of receptacles for separated waste collection. Perfectly used space under the sink.
Greater transparency – perfectly arranged kitchen drawers. Full pull-out, soft closure, accessibility, and simple cleaning.
And so much more…

2-year warranty!

We have extended our warranty because we trust our products.2 years of peace of mind (2-year warranty with the purchase of a kitchen).


All services are included in the price:

  • FREE expert advice, (since our experts periodically undergo training sessions, they know much more about kitchens than you can find online). The best experts in the field of interior design are here to advise you.
  • FREE 3D outline (for your consideration),
  • FREE measurements taken in your home (after advance payment – for kitchens and fitted cupboards),
  • FAST DELIVERY (certain kitchen models can be delivered in 30–60 days, ordinary planar furniture is delivered in 21 days, fitted cupboards are delivered in 60 days from the date of order),
  • FREE delivery (for over €1,500),
  • FREE professional assembly (for over €1,500).

Slovenian kitchens at an advantageous price

We are not offering big discounts: our products are simply the most affordable!
Tailor-made kitchens are created in Alples at an extremely affordable price. See for yourself!
We will create a tailor-made kitchen according to the dimensions of your space, and will also furnish it according to your wishes. Each of the individual elements is sold at a specific price, and the sum of all the components, including all wooden parts (counter, base, mouldings, veneers, etc.) is the final price of the kitchen. To calculate the exact price, we will therefore need to know the dimensions of your space, and your wishes when it comes to the design and equipment. If you have the possibility to do so, it is obviously even simpler if you visit us in one of our 60 showrooms where we will be able to provide you with a professional consultation. If you are satisfied with the proposal we have prepared for your kitchen, we will visit you in your home, free of charge, where we will discuss all details and carry out exact measurements of the space.
The prices of our kitchens vary from approx. €2,000 up to and including approx. €8,000; on average, our kitchens cost € 4,000, which depends on the size of the kitchen, the choice of elements, and the choice of materials.

We offer you much more than just a kitchen: we offer you a new space which will become the heart of your home.

In Alples kitchens you will find what you are looking for.

In Alples kitchens you will find what you are looking for.

You can see even more Alples kitchens on our web site or in our catalog, which you can order at home.

Arrange for a free 3D drawing of the kitchen or send us an inquiry at

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