Custom kitchens for every home

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Whether you want a modern or a traditional kitchen you are sure to find the kitchen of your dreams, with a wide range of colours and finishes available. An extensive selection of kitchen cabinets allows you to create a functional and ergonomic kitchen design for safety and comfort when you cook. Top quality materials, integrated hardware with soft-close mechanism and fine finishes guarantee long life and flawless performance. Be it a small kitchen or a kitchen island – what you get is a custom kitchen fitted to your specific needs and desires. Today, when rooms in a home are no longer strictly separated you can use kitchen cabinets also in the living or dining room, and our extensive kitchen range provides plenty of opportunities for blending the kitchen into your home.

Modular kitchens

Smart modular kitchens differ from Alples made to measure kitchens.

Smart kitchens have smaller range of products, still the elements that are included can easily cope with every task a modern kitchen ought to. Smart kitchens are not made to measure. That may be a disadvantage on one hand but can also means advantages on the other hand.

Smaller product line-up makes kitchen simpler. Additional offer of kitchen appliances makes purchase even easier. Smaller product line-up enables the Smart products to be in stock and available. Delivery time is therefore significantly shorter compared to the kitchens made to measure. Another advantage is favourable price dispite the good quality. New hardware system makes assembly easy and fast.